Sunday, December 9, 2012

Born To Be My Baby

"Born To Be My Baby"

Rainy night and we worked all day
We both got jobs 'cause there's bills to pay
We got something they can't take away
Our love, our lives

Close the door, leave the cold outside
I don't need nothing when I'm by your side
We got something that'll never die
Our dreams, our pride

My heart beats like a drum (all night)
Flesh to flesh, one to one (and it's alright)
And I'll never let go cause
There's something I know deep inside

You were born to be my baby
And baby, I was made to be your man

We got something to believe in
Even if we don't know where we stand
Only God would know the reasons
But I bet he must have had a plan
Cause you were born to be my baby
And baby, I was made to be your man

Light a candle, blow the world away
Table for two on a TV tray
It ain't fancy, baby that's OK
Our time, our way

So hold me close better hang on tight
Buckle up, baby, it's a bumpy ride
We're two kids hitching down the road of life
Our world, our fight

If we stand side by side (all night)
There's a chance we'll get by (and it's alright)
And I'll know that you'll be live
In my heart till the day that I die

Cause you were born to be my baby
And baby, I was made to be your man

We got something to believe in
Even if we don't know where we stand
Only God would know the reasons
But I bet he must have had a plan
Cause you were born to be my baby
And baby, I was made to be your man


My heart beats like a drum (all night)
Flesh to flesh, one to one (and it's alright)
And I'll never let go cause
There's something I know deep inside

Cause you were born to be my baby
And baby, I was made to be your man

We got something to believe in
Even if we don't know where we stand
Only God would know the reasons
But I bet he must have had a plan

Cause you were born to be my baby
And baby, I was made to be your man

You were born to be my baby
And baby, I was made to be your man

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monkey's Love

Pantai mana yang tidak dilanda badai, laut mana yang tidak bergelora
Insan mana yang tidak perlukan kasih dan sayang....
Hati mana yang tiada rasa cinta....
Jiwa mana yang boleh rasa kosong...
Kerana kita hanyalah insan....yang dicipta berpasang-pasangan
Dimana ada Adam...maka adalah Hawa...

Monkey's Love ....

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sinar Yang Hilang

Sinar mentari telah lama hilang,
Kini hari diselubungi malam yang kelam
Di dalam kelam tiada pedoman
Gelap gelita tidak bersuluh laluan

Kelamnya malam gelap gelita
Dunia pudar tiada berita
Dihadapan tak nampak, disentuh tiada
Teraba-raba umpama buta

Ku tunggu sinar, ku tunggu jua
Sedangkan sinar tidak kunjung tiba
Ramai tertanya benarkah adanya ia
Kerana ramai yang tidak pernah berjumpa

Malam yang kelam ada cahaya
Unggun api indah sekali
Ramai berkerumun terlupa diri
Terpesona, lupa pada mentari

Kata mereka api inilah yang dicari
Tapi terangnya malap sekali
Di mana sinar, sinar mentari
Yang menerangi sebelum ini

Hanya api lah yang ada kini
Menerangi malam setiap situasi
Hanya api lah yang dikagumi
Kerana menganggapnya pedoman hari.

Dikala aku terdampar disini
Mengharap esok yang berseri
Bilakah kan datang sang mentari
Untuk memadam terang sang api

Masihkah ada esok untuk kami
Lama sungguh menunggu disini
Tidak berjumpa dengan hakiki
Lama mengelamun didalam mimpi

Datanglah mentari menerangi hari
Menerangi hari menerangi diri
Menyembuh hati yang telah mati
Bagai seorang ku rasa disini

2.00 a.m. 16 November 2012

dimanakah mentari? atau yang ada hanyalah begini....       

Monday, October 15, 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Terima Kasih ....

Terima kasih kerana sentiasa mendoakan diriku,
Terima kasih kerana tidak pernah putus harapan dengan ku,
Terima kasih diatas kesetiaan mu,
Terima kasih diatas kesabaran mu,

Dan....Terima kasih kerana sering melihat kebaikan diriku dan sering melupakan keburukan ku, couldnt find one like you before...and I would never find one alike again....

Terima .................... KASIH ..................

Monday, October 1, 2012

Evaluation on Metal Matrix Composite of CuSiC as Candidate for Thermal Management Materials in Electronics Packaging

Bukhari MZ, Brabazon D, Hashmi MSJ, 

School of Materials Engineering,
Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP),
02600 Jejawi, Perlis, Malaysia

School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering,
Dublin City University (DCU), Dublin 9, Republic of Ireland

In the quest to pack into ever shrinking cell phone, digital audio players or personal digital assistance (PDA), which will definitely helps to ensure the electronic equipment does not overheat, fail or malfunction, nanotechnology researchers keep running up against unpleasant truths, which are higher current density will induce thermomigration as well as electromigration which will damage metal conductors and produce heat that leads to premature failure of the electronic devices. As customers demand more reliable electronics system, it has therefore pushed the electronics manufacturers as well as the electronics industry to the limit of developing smaller and slimmer portable devices.

The skills require in developing these “improved and enhanced packages”, must associates with a thorough understanding in Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA), materials selection etc. Since early 80’s, various materials such as Copper, Aluminium, Kovar (Fe-Ni alloy), CuW, CuMo were introduced as electronic packaging materials, but failed due to mismatch in coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), thermal conductivity or density values between the IC package and the baseplate. Only in the end of the 20th century, metal matrix composite (MMC) such as AlSiC and CuSiC as well as anisotropic composite like AlSiC-TPG have been developed and introduced into market which reported to have better thermal properties. In the 21st century, researches published, suggests that these MMC could be integrated into electronics equipment in order to avoid them from overheat, malfunction or fail. In order to verify this, in this paper, researches have been conducted on CuSiC metal matrix composite (MMC).

Two (2) major aspects of studies had been conducted on this composite through powder metallurgy method. Effect of particle size and milling process on the physical, microstructural and thermal properties had been studied, analyses and evaluated. The analysed samples had undergo weighing and mixing, followed by milling process, cold isostatic pressing, sintering, grinding and polishing, density characterization,  thermal  conductivity  testing  and  particle  size  characterization.

The microstructure obtained from prepared samples had been subjected for Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) analysis to check and inspect for any change in particle size, shape as well as formation of agglomeration. It was found that CuSiC composite which is the “new” millennium discovery material, is highly potential thermal management candidate that has good thermal dissipation, light weight and easy-to-process characteristics for application in industry.

Thermal conductivity vs. CTE of selected thermally enhanced materials (courtesy of H.C Stark)

The Future of Computing (courtesy of GE)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Low Weir / Tidal Gate / Head Work

This is what so called Low Weir / Tidal Gate / Head Work.
The design is based on BS8110 - 1985

Front View

Piling Key Plan

Section View

Plan View

Steel Bar Details

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Design Of Small Dam

My boss asked me to redesign this small Gabion Dam because it has some scouring problems in the downstream., taking account in the design are seepage , hydraulic's fall and foundation design.

Reference books are :-

3. “BS8110 - 1985”

Detail Calculations are as followed :-


Checking Existing Design below.

Using Lane’s Weighted Creep Theory,
i.       Length of Seepage Path,  = 0.75 + 0.3 +1/3(2.2)+(0.3+0.15)
= 2.23
ii.     Difference Head / Gabion Height / Retain water Height = 1 meter
iii.    Lane’s Weighted Creep Ratio = Length of Seepage Path / Difference Head
             = 2.23/1
        = 2.23

Lane’s Weighted Creep Ratio = 2.23 is between Medium Clay (2.0) and Soft Clay (3.0), which means the structure is safe on Medium Clay and Not safe on Soft Clay.

iv.     Assume The Structure is on Soft Clay, therefore the existing design is not safe
v.       Redesign Length of Seepage Path,

Extend base another 2 meter length to fulfill Soft Clay criteri
Length of Seepage Path, 
 = 0.75 + 0.3 +1/3(2.2)+(0.3+0.15)+1/3(2)
 = 2.9 , still < 3.0 , Soft Clay , Not Safe

Adopt extended base to 2.5 meter length ;
Length of Seepage Path,  
 = 0.75 + 0.3+1/3(2.2)+0.3+0.15+1/3(2.5)
 = 3.063  > 3.0 
Therefore safe for Soft Clay 


From Figure 9.22, Page 368 of “DESIGN OF SMALL DAMS
      Drop Length =  2.758 Ho

Assume Design Head, Ho = 0.5 meter ( which is over ) , Ho can be
determined from formula q=CHo3/2  ( Figure 9.21, Page 366 )

Drop Length = 2.758 * 0.5 = 1.379 m ( Water Drop on base slab since extended base slab is 2.5 meter length)

Therefore protection such as rip rap for scouring is not needed.

Figure 9.22, Page 368 of “DESIGN OF SMALL DAMS


Design base as 1  X (2.2 + 2.5 ) meter base pad footing.

Load = Stone (Gabion ) + Water
Gabion Weight, m  =  Density / Volume
                  = 2000 / ( 1 X 1 X 1)  Kg
                  = 20 Kn
Water Weight , m = Density / Volume
                 = 1000 / ( 1 X 1 X 1)  Kg
                 = 10 Kn

Point Load = 20 + 10 = 30 Kn

Ultimate axial force in column   
N=30 kN                                 
Ultimate moment in column        
M=0 kNm                                
Ultimate shear force top of base 
V=0 kN                                 
Column dimension                    
cx=1000 mm                              
Column dimension                    
cy=1000 mm                             
Length of base (bending dirn)     
lx=4.7 m                               
Width of base                           
 ly=1 m                                 
Left distance to edge of column  
la=2.5 m                               
Right distance to edge of column
  =1.2 m                               
Char strength of concrete        
fcu=30 N/mm2                            
Depth of base                          
 h=150 mm                                
Cover to reinforcement               
c=40 mm                                 
Ground pressures                                                          ----------------                                                         
Taking moments about LH edge   
      =90 kNm                              

Distance of line of action                                             
from LH edge  
  =3 m                                   
                                   |   |                                       
                                   |e |                                      
                                   |  v                                       
                   |------- y
  =0.65 m                               

Centroid of load lies within middle third.  Pressure varies linearly      
from pa at A to pb at B.                                                  
                pa |                                               |                          
                     |----------                                | pb                       
                                         ------------          |                          
Elastic modulus of base in plan  
  =3.6817 m3                             

Pressure at end A         
    =1.0865 kN/m2                         

Pressure at end B         
    =11.679 kN/m2